Delta Ground Anchor customer reviews

We frequently receive emails praising our pegs from our lovely customers, here is a selection:

We have been camping in Wales for the last two weeks and they performed brilliantly . First campsite was very exposed high on a hill, ...we had winds of up 50mph ,loads of tents failed with broken poles because the guy lines did not hold or the tents were poor quality . All you could hear were people constantly banging in pegs that had come loose ,not us ,our Coleman tunnel tent stood up to the weather with no adjustments- John September 2020

'...can safely say that they are the go to accessory in all our camping circles .They held our event shelter in place in a 38kt wind just last week' SL August 2020

I received my ground anchors just in time for our holiday in Cornwall ... they arrived in time, I don’t know where we would have been blown to without them.  On Saturday night I lay there watching the tent bounce around in all directions wondering if it would still be standing in the morning. WOW I couldn’t believe it – THANKS!

I won’t consider using any other pegs, they’ve never budged once despite being out in some truly appalling conditions...’ Colin .  

They performed fantastically...

"...on two occasions so far I have been out in extremely strong, worrying high winds and the delta pegs have more than been worth the money I paid for them. They performed fantastically and hadn't moved a mm in all the time that the wind battered my awning"  Steve

‘...2 trips to Harlech in the grip of the end of a hurricane both times!!  The first time we never had your pegs and the awning just would not stay on the ground however, last year despite the winds best attempt it stayed put with the pegs - enough said...’ Eileen March 2019