Delta ® stainless steel tent pegs - Pack of 8

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Delta ® stainless steel tent pegs  - Pack of 8

The original and strongest patented Delta Ground Anchors ® are produced from tough and corrosion resistant stainless steel channel section. Standard stainless steel and nylon composite anchors are 150mm X 150mm.

Our award winning tent peg design for tents and awnings.

The unique shape of Delta ® directs forces deeper into the ground where the soil is much firmer. This and their increased surface area means that a very large amount of soil has to be moved before the peg fails. No other tent peg in the world has these features.

Delta ® pegs offer a much greater chance of surviving gales or bad weather and can save your expensive tent. Once inserted, Delta ® tent pegs remain in place, keeping your outfit secure.

  • The unique shape and attachment point directs guy tension deeper into the ground where soil is firmer giving you an incredibly secure hold.
  •  Their surface area greatly increases resistance to guy tension.
  • The angled profile creates a balanced hold on the ground, minimises leverage and eliminates the anchor's ability to cut through soil like thin wire and screw pegs.
  • Their cross-section is rigid and ensures easy insertion and removal.

Delta ® tent pegs lay totally level with the ground when in use so no tripping. On insertion, your fingers are 6" away from the striking area so no bruising. Delta ® tent pegs offer maximum safety.

Delta ® tent pegs  are intended for use with the main supporting guys of your tent, awning, gazebo etc. Delta ® tent pegs are produced in the U.K and hand finished in the South west of England.

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