About Us


The idea for Delta Ground Anchors, or “Delta Pegs” as the product is fondly known to its many supporters, was originally conceived by its inventor Robert (Rob) Orr about 30 years ago whilst on a camping holiday with Dorothy, his wife.  Necessity was certainly the mother of invention for Rob who became more and more frustrated having to reposition the tent pegs which were supplied with the tent, and this was in fair to good weather! So in 2002, Rob decided the time was right to pursue his idea and with the help of Business Link in Plymouth, Rob was able to patent his stainless steel tent peg.


The company went from strength to strength winning the Plymouth University competition ‘Quest for the Best,’ for Innovators in the South West and part of the prize enabled a nylon composite version of the Delta ® tent peg to be created with the help of the engineers at Exeter University.


Since then, the pegs have been mentioned numerously in various camping and caravanning publications and online forums earning them the reputation as “the really strong tent pegs”.  The reputation they gained within the camping world led to them crowned Winners of the Accessories Category and Highly Commended as a Best Buy in the 2011 Camping Awards.


Such recognition spurred Rob on and he subsequently registered his designs for products such as the Delta Dog Tether and Delta Rocks. 


All the stainless steel Delta products are made from high grade stainless steel and are either hand-made or hand-finished by the Delta ‘team.’ The nylon composite Delta ® tent pegs are manufactured in the UK as the company are very proud to support British manufacturers and producers.