We frequently receive emails from our lovely customers praising our products, here is a selection:


  • I have been using Delta Pegs for years and in alot of different conditions which has certainly tested them to the full. They have never failed me and provide the perfect peg for the Tentipi being strong and secure but easy enough to remove when packing, Attached is a picture whilst in Wales however they have travelled many miles! Mike December 2023 ( Picture to follow.)

  • Rock solid. Had them on my tent in Storm Barra. Held like super glue in very poor sub strate. A ' so and so'  to carry but well worth the space. I used 6 on the guy lines  recorded wind was at 40 mph steady with gusts higher. Exposed site too. Jeffery October 2023


  • ’Just wanted to say thank you so much for such good service, the delta ground anchor pegs arrived Wednesday, we went away to Tavistock Thursday for the weekend and we used them on our awning, we had 58 mile an hour winds Thursday and the pegs worked well, we have had to take awning down quite a few times before in strong winds as pegs didn't hold it down but these are brilliant. Thank you so much.' A. March 2023


  • I used the 4 delta pegs I already had at the weekend in Capel Curig, Wales, to secure the 2 ends of my tunnel tent. Wind gusts got up to about 60mph and your pegs didn’t budge, excellent. Picture below, Snowdon horseshoe in the background. Amazing product. That’s why I need more! Rob. October 2022


  •  The Delta ground anchor bag arrived yesterday.  Top quality product and  service as usual! I used the Delta's on December 26th on Kinder Scout (please see picture attached), it was brutal conditions and the wind was incessant.  Without using the Delta's there's no way my tent would have stayed up.  I always use them. S. January 2022
  • A couple of pictures taken in November and December in the Lake District, with thanks to Chris. The pegs are underneath all that snow!



  • I used 4 of your anchors on a wild camp high on the Wasdale mountains in the Lake District Wednesday night. They did the job well on my small one man tent.

    The bright colour also means not so many pegs lost! Peter, November 2021

  •   This weekend just gone...As you will know, Storm Arwen wreaked havoc with wind gusts of up to 79mph followed by a fair covering of snow. I always use an Isabella Shadow Canopy with my van, and ... it withstood the winds. The answer.........Delta Ground Anchors of course. John November 2021’
      • Just want to say that your tent pegs are marvellous! We've just experienced 40mph winds for 10 hours on our camp site and the guys ropes were solid as a rock using your pegs! Excellent design, thank you! Jo (& Elizabeth age 8) October 2021
      •  Although these pegs are brilliant with their well thought out design, it’s also about the people behind them. They really set an example to every online store with their superb customer service, prompt replies, and all the efforts they’ve made to make sure I received my pegs outside the UK!  Peter, the Netherlands . September 2021
      • These pegs are absolutely amazing I’ve used them in storm force winds with my awning and they didn’t budge an inch. Highly recommended. June 2021
      • We have been camping in Wales for the last two weeks and they performed brilliantly . First campsite was very exposed high on a hill, ...we had winds of up 50mph ,loads of tents failed with broken poles because the guy lines did not hold or the tents were poor quality . All you could hear were people constantly banging in pegs that had come loose ,not us ,our Coleman tunnel tent stood up to the weather with no adjustments- John September 2020
      • '...can safely say that they are the go to accessory in all our camping circles .They held our event shelter in place in a 38kt wind just last week' SL August 2020
      • I have ordered Delta Pegs from you before... They are amazing.. Certainly the best pegs I have used.. I have purchased an awning for my tent and required a few more... With the bad storms we have had recently.. I have recommended your pegs as I know others have from other Camping Forums that I belong to.. Thanks again..Martin 2020
      • I received my ground anchors just in time for our holiday in Cornwall ... they arrived in time, I don’t know where we would have been blown to without them.  On Saturday night I lay there watching the tent bounce around in all directions wondering if it would still be standing in the morning. WOW I couldn’t believe it – THANKS!
      • I won’t consider using any other pegs, they’ve never budged once despite being out in some truly appalling conditions...’ Colin .  
      • They performed fantastically... "...on two occasions so far I have been out in extremely strong, worrying high winds and the delta pegs have more than been worth the money I paid for them. They performed fantastically and hadn't moved a mm in all the time that the wind battered my awning"  Steve
      ‘...2 trips to Harlech in the grip of the end of a hurricane both times!!  The first time we never had your pegs and the awning just would not stay on the ground however, last year despite the winds best attempt it stayed put with the pegs - enough said...’ Eileen March 2019
        • We love the delta pegs we already have. In fact this order was following a camping trip - some of our friends saw the pegs and how great they were and wanted to order some. And we needed a few more... Emmanuelle
        •  ...great service, thank you  and ‘The stainless ones I ordered many years ago are still going strong :-) ...These ( nylon composite Delta ® tent pegs )  ones are for use on the less stressed guy lines. Steve
        • We're back from Eweleaze and very grateful for having taken the Delta Pegs! It was extremely windy (and wet at times!) and a lot of tents were destroyed including one in our group. We ended up sharing some of the Delta Pegs with some friends who had quite a flimsy tent and it managed to survive the week- Denise August 2017
        • Just back from two weeks in the Outer Hebrides where we experienced winds of over 50 mph at times! Not only did the pegs securely hold the tent down but importantly for me I had total piece of mind. Would highly recommend them. Gillian August 2015

        • Delta pegs kept the tent up in a strong coastal wind and the pegs never moved, easy to put in and easy to get out. Thoroughly recommended. Dave August 2015
        •  We Wild Camped in the Lakes on Sunday / Monday and the Delta Ground Anchors were well and truly tested. We had winds gusting from 50 to 70 mph all night and in the morning. It was difficult to stand up at times. We had two tents and we both used the Delta Ground Anchors to secure the guy lines. We used a rubber mallet to securely insert the pegs into the stoney ground. Despite the constantly gusting winds the ground anchors held tight and secure and showed no signs whatsoever of becoming loose. We can see from the design of the ground anchors that they afford exceptional security and we are most impressed with the product. ...David. October 2014

        • We came across Delta Ground Pegs a couple of weeks ago during a camping trip in Ramsgate. The wind was unbelievable and we were quite worried about losing our tent and our two sons during the night. Thankfully one of our neighbours, in a caravan, came to our rescue with these magical Delta Pegs. We used his pegs to secure our tent against the almost gale force winds and settled in for a very noisy night. The next morning on inspecting the carnage, several other tents had suffered terribly, but ours hadn't moved a millimetre. We have now purchased our own pegs and are off camping again, in a week, safe in the knowledge that our tent will not be going anywhere!
          These pegs are nothing short of miraculous, an absolutely brilliant invention and one I would happily and heartily recommend to all and sundry. Thank you camping god for Delta Pegs! Sophie. September.

            Dog tethers

          •  ...Thank you . I love these tethers. I've been very pleased with the one I have and now I have a second dog, I had no hesitation in ordering another one. I recommend them to anyone I talk to...
          • Service beyond compare "I recently ordered two dog tethers and due to one of my senior moments I only ordered one plus something I did not require. I contacted the firm and have only been treated with respect and cheerfulness. My order was immediately altered and delivered by first class delivery. Quality of products is first class and I can recommend them to anyone. No more tangles with the dogs leads like with the screw type pegs. Honesty, help, consideration and efficiency is their byword." John, North Yorkshire

          Peg Puller:

          Just a quick email to say many thanks for the peg puller. It's an excellent product, well finished and I look forward to many years use. Dave