Delta ® Strong Tent Pegs

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 The latest and most dynamically advanced method of securing your tent, awning, gazebo or wind breaker etc.

Our yellow Delta ® pegs are made from super tough nylon composite material. They are extremely effective tent pegs suitable for all soils between sandy and rocky.  For use with the main supporting guys on all tents and awnings.  

These award-winning anchors are the strongest and most effective on the market. Delta ® pegs were developed by us in collaboration with Exeter University's department of advanced technology, based on our original steel design. No other tent peg (of this size and weight) in the world can match their holding power.

Delta ® pegs can support the weight of up to 11.5 stones on each main guy line before they fail. It is unlikely that you would ever be subjected to a wind that would create this amount of force but extreme weather happens unexpectedly and all too often, sometimes ruining your holiday and your beloved tent or awning. This can happen in the middle of the night upsetting your family and putting you off camping for life. Delta ® pegs can save you from this traumatic experience.

The unique shape of Delta ® directs forces deeper into the ground where the soil is much firmer. This and their increased surface area means that a very large amount of soil has to be moved before the peg fails. No other tent peg in the world has these features. Wire pegs (supplied with tent or awning) and screw pegs both have a minimal surface area and have an attachment point at their extremity which unfortunately creates maximum leverage. The thread on a screw peg provides zero holding power as the helix is designed to resist tension acting parallel with the shaft.

Delta ® pegs offer a much greater chance of surviving gales or bad weather and can save your expensive tent. Once inserted, Delta ® anchors remain in place, keeping your outfit secure unlike other conventional or screw-type pegs.

• The unique shape and attachment point directs guy tension deeper into the ground where soil is firmer giving you an incredibly secure hold.

• Their surface area greatly increases resistance to guy tension.

• The angled profile creates a balanced hold on the ground, minimises leverage and eliminates the anchor’s ability to “cut” through soil like thin wire and screw pegs.

• Their cross-section is rigid and ensures easy insertion and removal.

• Delta ®anchors lay totally level with the ground when in use so no tripping. On insertion, your fingers are 6" away from the striking area so no bruising. Delta ® pegs offer maximum safety. Weighing only 48g and tested to 72 Kg, Delta ® anchors can hold over 1600 times their own weight.

Delta ®anchors are intended for use with the main supporting guys of your tent, awning, gazebo etc. Delta ® anchors are produced in the U.K. from high quality super-toughened nylon composite.

We have been camping in Wales for the last two weeks and they performed brilliantly . First campsite was very exposed high on a hill, ...we had winds of up 50mph ,loads of tents failed with broken poles because the guy lines did not hold or the tents were poor quality . All you could hear were people constantly banging in pegs that had come loose ,not us ,our Coleman tunnel tent stood up to the weather with no adjustments- John September 2020

'...can safely say that they are the go to accessory in all our camping circles .They held our event shelter in place in a 38kt wind just last week' SL August 2020

I received my ground anchors just in time for our holiday in Cornwall ... they arrived in time, I don’t know where we would have been blown to without them.  On Saturday night I lay there watching the tent bounce around in all directions wondering if it would still be standing in the morning. WOW I couldn’t believe it – THANKS!

I won’t consider using any other pegs, they’ve never budged once despite being out in some truly appalling conditions...’ Colin .  

They performed fantastically...

"...on two occasions so far I have been out in extremely strong, worrying high winds and the delta pegs have more than been worth the money I paid for them. They performed fantastically and hadn't moved a mm in all the time that the wind battered my awning Steve

‘...2 trips to Harlech in the grip of the end of a hurricane both times!!  The first time we never had your pegs and the awning just would not stay on the ground however, last year despite the winds best attempt it stayed put with the pegs - enough said...’ Eileen March 2019



Dimensions ( Approximately)  160mm x 160mm x 24mm. Weight 48g.

Registered design.

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