Clamcleat® CL260 Line-Lok®

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CL260 Line-Lok® Guy Runner for 2-5mm lines. Sold as a pack of 8 guy line runners. 

The Line Tensioner that locks guy lines securely and is easy to release. Out-performs traditional alloy and plastic guy runners. Ideal for tents (from 2 person to family size,) gazebos, tarpaulin shelters, caravan awnings etc.

The Clamcleat® CL260 Line-Lok® cleat uses advanced tooth technology to securely hold all types of ropes and guy lines from 2mm to 5mm diameter. 

Quick to tension. Easy to release, even when wearing thick gloves. Clamcleats will not shake loose, even in extreme conditions. Tested in conditions from +40°C to -40°C (100°F to -40°F). Out-performs traditional alloy and plastic guy runners.. .


Weight: 2.2gm (0.08 oz) per cleat.